About Montjoy

Be Anywhere now

Montjoyushers in a new era of innovation in virtual presence by leveraging the power and flexibility of your Apple or Android phone and ever-expanding wireless networks to connect content streamers to live video consumers. Visit a neighborhood or college before making a long-term commitment, escape to far-away places instantly, or even witness history in the making. If you can dream of a place on earth you'd like to be, Montjoy wants to take you there. 

Why Montjoy

Be There Now

Travel is time-consuming and expensive. There's no need to wait. Be there now and witness the day's events as they unfold.

Ever-growing Stream Team

Connect with our team of content streamers who regularly bring new and exciting destinations. Maybe even join the team and earn extra cash!

Stream on the Go

Whether you're a Dreamer or a Streamer, your mobile device and the Montjoy app is all you need to join the virtual presence revolution.