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Be Anywhere

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Atlanta | Augusta | Savannah

Montjoy App users can be virtually anywhere by viewing real-time live video from Streamers currently at the user’s desired location!

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Montjoy App video screenshot on Facebook_23 February 2024

Our Vision

Montjoy ushers in a new era of innovation in virtual presence by leveraging the power and flexibility of your Apple or Android phone and ever-expanding wireless networks to connect content streamers to live video consumers. Visit a neighborhood or college before making a long-term commitment, escape to far-away places instantly, or even witness history in the making. If you can dream of a place on earth you'd like to be, Montjoy wants to take you there. 

Why Montjoy?

Be There Now

Travel is time-consuming and expensive. There's no need to wait. Be there now and witness the day's events as they unfold.

Ever-growing Stream Team

Connect with our team of content streamers who regularly bring new and exciting destinations. Maybe even join the team and earn extra cash!

Experience Freedom

Whether you're a Dreamer or a Streamer, your mobile device and the Montjoy app is all you need to join the virtual presence revolution.

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